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Tina Stedman
Website Redesigned

I have never really liked the design of my website but I have not had the
time to redesign it.  Well, I am in the process of doing just that.  Check it out
and see the changes that have been made and let me know what you think.
This website is for genealogy and writing!  It has the following:
Genealogy Blog
My Genealogies
Hire Tolksteel for your genealogy (coming soon)
My Writing Blog
Who Am I?

From the moment I started to look into my own genealogy, I was addicted.  I,
also, love American History and like to connect history with genealogy.  They were
more than names.
What do I do?

I research my own family genealogy and love to connect to others that are
researching the same lines.  I am willing to do record lookups, cemetery photos,
and the such for a slight fee.  I am in the process of finishing my bachelor's
degree in History with a concentration in American History along with a degree in
Creative Writing.  My goal is to expand my own genealogy research and help
others with theirs.  I also want to write fictional and nonfictional historical books.  
I am excited to be starting this new adventure in my life and look forward to
getting to know you.